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Letter - U Page Updated: 11 December 2002

UNDERHAMMER:  A type of lock in which the hammer pivots in a vertical arc, striking the nipple on the underside of the barrel.    Underhammer locks are commonly used on Muzzle Loading Bench Rest rifles which are used for target shooting, and where accuracy is the goal.  Also written as Under Hammer.

UNLOAD:  The complete removal of all unfired ammunition from a firearm.


Ref No


Reference Date Code
TM9-1000-202-35 Cannon-Tubes-Evaluation D1-2 1964 A
TM9-1005-223-20 Rifles 7.62mm-M14/M14A1 & M2 D1-3 1967 A
TM9-1005-224-12 Machine Gun 7.62mm,M60,M122 D1-2 1963 A
TM9-1005-231-34 Machine Gun Caliber 0.50 M85 D1-3 1961 A
TM9-1015-220-34 Rifle Mount- 106mm- T149E5 D1-3 1959 B
TM9-1015-221-34 Rifles M40A1/C,T173.M79,T26 D1-2 1959 A
TM9-1220-204-15 Fire Control/Plotting Board M16 D1-3 1962 A
TM9-1220-206-34 Gun Direction Computer M15 & Equipment D1-3 1960 C
TM9-1220-221-10/1 Gun Direction-Computer-M18 D1-2 1962 A
TM9-1220-221-34/3 Computer Gun Direction M18 D1-3 1964 A
TM9-1220-221-34/3 Gun Direction-Computer M18 D1-3 1965 A
TM9-1220-221-34/4 Computer Gun-Direction-M18 D1-3 1964 A
TM9-1220-221-34/5 Gun Direction Computer M18 D1-3 1964 B
TM9-1220-221-34/6 Gun Direction M18- Computer D1-3 1964 C
TM9-1240-276-50 Telescope Elbow M118 / M118C O1 1964 A
TM9-1240-277-35 Periscope XM42 D1-3 1963 A
TM9-1240-285-35 Telescope Mount M114 D1-3 1960 A
TM9-1240-291-35 Telescope Mount XM7 D1-3 1962 A
TM9-1240-295-35 Telescope Mount M138 D1-3 1962 A
TM9-1240-297-35 Telescope Mount M110 D1-3 1961 A
TM9-1260-200-34 Gunnery Consul M1 D1-3 1960 A
TM9-1290-276-35 Periscope Drive Mount M9 D1-3 1961 A
TM9-1290-322-35 Fire Control Quadrant-M15 D1-2 1962 A
TM9-1290-323-35 Elevation Servomechanism M1 ( T1 ) D1-3 1960 A
TM9-1300-206 Ammunition-Care/Handlling/Destruction D1-3 1964 B
TM9-1330-201-12 Hand Grenade-M33-M67,M59,M68,XM69 D1-2 1969 A
TM9-1340-204-35 Rocket-318mm-XM51 D1-2 1960 A
TM9-1370 Guns-90mm-M1 & M1A! & Mount D1-2 1950 B
TM9-1527 Gunners Quadrants-M1 & M1918 D1-2 1951 A
TM9-1535 Sights-M4 - M6 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-1546-4 Telescope Mounts- M59 / M78 / M79 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-1580 Binoculars-M3,M7,M8,M13,/A1M15/A1,M16 D1-2 1953 B
TM9-1603 Direct Sighting Telescopes/Tanks/Rifles D1-2 1951 A
TM9-1608B Periscope M6 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-1608F Periscopes- M15 & M15A1 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-1613 Quadrant Mount M1 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-1614 Front Sight M26/Mount M74/M74C/M85 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-1618 Generating Units M7,M7A1 & M15A1 D1-2 1946 A
TM9-1619 Sight Mount-M86 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-1620 Azimuth Indicator-T23 /Mount-7694893 D!-2 1952 A
TM9-1633A Reflex Sight-M18 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-1641 Fuze Setters-M13/A1,M18/A1 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-1672 Electrical Testing-Fire Control D1-2 1944 A
TM9-1827A Power Brake Systems D1-2 1953 C
TM9-1829A Spedometers,Tachometers/Recoders D1-2 1944 A1
TM9-1860-7 Field Sky Screen-Counter Chronograph D1-3 1956 A
TM9-1861 Cleaning & Black Finishing Ferrous Metals D1-2 1955 A
TM9-1871 Repair/Rebuild-Pneumatic Tires/Tubes D1-2 1956 C
TM9-1955 Jatos-General D1-2 1955 A
TM9-200 Packing Instructions D1-3 1960 D
TM9-2009 Mortar-4.2"-M30 & M24 D1-3 1953 A
TM9-207 Extreme Cold Weather-Materiel-0 /- 65 F- D1-3 1959 A
TM9-208-1 Cleaning - Ordnance Materiel D1-3 1959 A
TM9-208-2 Cleaning/Drying/Ordnance Materiels D1-3 1960 A
TM9-213 Painting Instructions-Field D1-3 1962 A
TM9-230 Twin Cal .50 Machine Gun Pedestal D1-2 1952 A
TM9-2300-257-10 Carrier-Personnel M113/577/106/125/132/ D1-3 1968 D
TM9-2320-211-10 Truck-M39/40/61/63/139/41/54/55/51/52/62 D1-3 1963 A
TM9-2320-218-10 Truck-1/4-Ton-4x4-M151 O1 1962 K
TM9-2320-222-35/2 Recovery Vehicle-M88 D1-3 1961 D
TM9-2320-235-10 Truck-M35A1- O1 1961 K
TM9-2330-203-14 Dolly Trailer Converter-M197 / M197A1/198 D1-3 1961 A
TM9-2330-213-14 Repair-M103all-104/5,106/7all, M448 D1-2 1964 B
TM9-2330-238-14 Trailer-M295A1,M447,M313 D1-2 1962 A
TM9-2330-267-14 Trailer Tank- M149 D1-3 1964 A
TM9-2350-256-10 Recovery Vehicle-Tracked- M88A1 D1-2 1982 A
TM9-244 Electric Motors- Maintenance D1-3 1959 B
TM9-247 Cleaning Materials/Preserving D1-3 1960 A
TM9-2520-234-35 Power Train Assy-Allison Mod XTG-4112A D1-3 1962 C
TM9-2530-201-35 Self Prop Gun-Tracks & Suspension-M56 D1-3 1959 A
TM9-254 Fire Control Materiel D1-3 1958 A
TM9-2590-209-14 Bulldozer-Tank Mounting - M9 D1-3 1963 B
TM9-270 U.S.Rifle Cal .30-M1903A4-Snipers O1 1943 K
TM9-2805-218-12 Auxiliary Power Unit-Waukesha Mod EAPU D1-3 1959 A
TM9-2810 Tactical Motor Vehicle-Maintenance D1-3 1958 A
TM9-2920-210-34 Generator Regulator Assy-Autolite-VBC-4003 D1-3 1960 A
TM9-3026-3 AntiAircraft Fire Control T-38-Schematics D1-3 1955 B
TM9-333 Trailer-Ammunition- M10 D1-2 1944 A1
TM9-3413-208-14 Upright Drilling Machine-Buffalo-Mod-18K/18L D1-2 1958 A
TM9-3413-222-12 Drilling Machine Upright-Buffalo Mod-22RC D1-3 1965 A
TM9-3417-201-50 Milling Machine Plain-Atlas Mod-MF-G D1-3 1959 A
TM9-3950-200-50 Hydraulic Crane-Stratton Mod 201M D1-3 1958 A
TM9-4910-12 Generator Test Stand- Mod-7244 D1-3 1962 A
TM9-4910-213-10 Test Stand Generator/Starter Mod-7148 D1-3 1959 A
TM9-4910-213-12 Test Stand -Gen-Model-7148 D1-2 1961 B
TM9-4910-213-34 Test Stand Generator-Mod 7148 D1-3 1962 A
TM9-4910-261-50 Hydraulic Jack-10 Ton Mod 780 D1-3 1958 A
TM9-4910-262-50 Jack-Hydraulic Dolly Type- Mod-WA-75 D1-3 1959 A
TM9-4910-401-12 Test Set -Gen/Reg-Model-10308/TV100 D1-2 1962 A
TM9-4910-409-12 Tester-Diesel Fuel Injector YFL D1-2 1963 A
TM9-4910-421-12 Hydraulic Jack -Hein-Werner mod-X-10 D1-3 1963 A
TM9-4910-445-10 Lathe-Brake Drum-Ammco-Mod-7700 D1-3 1965 A
TM9-4910-446-10 Lathe-Brake Drum--Star Mod-1960 D1-3 1965 A
TM9-4910-452-10 Lathe Brake Drum-Lempco-Mod-802 D1-3 1965 A
TM9-4910-453-10 Grinding Kit-Albertson Mod 1712-M D1-3 1965 A
TM9-4910-460-10 Tester-Engine-Vancampen Mod-10000 D1-3 1965 A
TM9-4910-463-10 Bench Tester/Distributor-Model-30-89 D1-3 1966 A
TM9-4910-474-10 Oscilloscope- No 45641-01A D1-3 1966 A
TM9-4931-204-12/2 Computer Test Set-- AN/GSM-70 D1-3 1964 A
TM9-4940-465-12 Electric Heat Gun-Mod HG D1-3 1962 A
TM9-5130-207-14 Verticle Drill-Electric-Thor-Mod-EJ-9 W/8S D1-2 1958 A
TM9-5130-236-50 Pneumatic Grinder-Thor Mod-4812 D1-3 1959 A
TM9-5130-242-50 Impact Wrench-Thor Mod-7265 / 48 D1-3 1958 A
TM9-5130-244-50 Electric Impact Wrench Mod 2EW D1-3 1959 A
TM9-5130-246-14 Impact Wrench-Ingersoll-Rand-34U D1-2 1958 A
TM9-5130-246-50 Electric Impact Wrench-Mod 34U / A/B D1-3 1959 A
TM9-5130-255-50 Hammer-Chipping- Chicago Mod 4-RV D1-3 1958 A
TM9-5130-320-50 Disk Sander Skill Mod 852-2 D1-3 1959 A
TM9-6081-2 T38 Fire Control System D1-3 1954 E
TM9-6092-1 AntiAircraft Fire Control-T33/T33D/M33C/M33D D1-3 1953 D
TM9-6093-2 Fire Control- M33C / M33D D1-3 1958 A
TM9-6093-8-1 Antiaircraft Fire Control M33C/M33D D1-3 1956 A
TM9-6113 Periscope-M4A1-Telescope-M38,40,47,77 D1-2 1953 A
TM9-6131 Telescope--M84 D1-2 1954 A
TM9-6140-200-15 Storage Batteries Lead Acid O1 1958 A
TM9-616 Generating Units M5 & M6 D1-2 1943 A
TM9-6163 Ballistic Drive T24E2 D1-2 1955 A
TM9-649 Cable Systems-M1,M3 & M8 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-6650-212-12 Observation Telescope M49 D1-3 1959 A
TM9-7205-1 Turret Assy-105-mm Howitzer T98E1 D1-2 1953 A
TM9-7205-2 Elevat/Traversing-Howitzer T194/97/98E1/T108 D1-2 1954 C
TM9-7403-2 Tank Recovery Vehicle- M-74 D1-3 1956 C
TM9-7419-1 Armored Vehicle-Steering- M75 D1-2 1954 A
TM9-7605-1 Engine-gasolene-Continental-AO-268-3A D1-2 1953 B
TM9-8023-1 Engine-M34,35,,36,44-60,108-275 O1 1957 K
TM9-819 Truck-2.1/2Ton-6x6-M34 O1 1950 K
TM9-845 Van Semitrailer-12Ton-2 Wheel D1-2 1947 A
TM9-8601 Power Brake Equipment D1-3 1954 C
TM9-8631 Electrical Equipment-Eclipse-Pioneer D1-2 1954 C
TM9-8637 Electrical-Equipment-D30,42.G22.F20-4 D1-2 1958 A
TM9-874A Cargo Trailer M101-3/4 Ton-2Wheel D1-2 1952 A
TM9-888 Semitrailer-10 Ton-2 Wheel D1-2 1944 A1
TM9-9004-1 Steam Cleaner-ClaytOn-HR-ORD D1-2 1955 B
TM9-9004-2 Steam Cleaner-Clayton - BKRO-600 D1-2 1957 A
TM9-9006-3 Electric-Drill-90-Degree- Mall Tool-141 D1-2 1956 A
TM9-9028-1 Tool Post Grinder-Dulmore Model-8160/8164 D1-2 1955 A
TM9-9029-1 Portable Pneumatic Drill ARO Model-7016 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-9052-1 Reversable Wrench-Pneumatic- 349-RS D1-2 1955 A
TM9-9057-1 Grinder Pneumatic- ARO-7010 D1-2 1951 A
TM9-9062-2 Chipping Hammer- Mod 4-(40-H-271) D1-2 1953 A
TM9-9062-3 Pneumatic Chipping Hammer-Master-Mo-4 D1-2 1954 A
TM9-9068-6 Lathe-40"- Rivett Lathe Inc 608PC-40-L-22 D1-2 1956 A
TM9-9068-7 Lathe-12" Jewelers D-40-L-20 D1-2 1956 A
TM9-9070-1 Milling Machine-Van Norman- Model 12 D1-2 1955 A
TM9-9070-3 Turret Lathe- Oster Model 601 D1-2 1957 A
TM9-9072-1 Drilling Machine 1/4" Cap - R53 D1-2 1955 A
TM9-9072-4 Drill Press-Carlton-Model 1-A D1-2 1956 A
TM9-9090-2 Portable Electric Sander- HSHD7 D1-2 1954 A
TM9-9090-4 Sander-portable- NAS-300/300A D1-2 1957 A
TM9-9092-2 Horizontal Hack Saw-Armstrong-Marvel-2 D1-2 1956 A
TM9-9094-1 Band Saw-Metal- W.F.Wells H-40-S-567 D1-2 1954 A
TM9-9094-4 Band Saw-Metal-Model V-26 DOALL D1-2 1957 A
TM9-9096-1 Metal SHAPER- Delta- 27-100 D1-2 1955 A
TM9-9103-1 Armature Undercutter-Allen-E-159 D1-2 1954 A
TM9-9502-12 Hydraulic Flow Test Cabinets D1-3 1960 D
TM9-9502-8 Power Plant Regulator-Nike-Ajax D1-3 1959 A
TM9-9503-1-2-50 Guided Missile Test Set M22-OA767/DSM-12A D1-3 1959 A
TM9-9504-24 Function Generator ( corporal 11 ) D1-3 1957 A
TM9-9504-36 Electronic Voltmeter ME-30/U D1-3 1957 A
TM9-9504-40 Signal Generator SG-118 / MRQ-7 D1-3 1957 A
TM9-9505-2-35 Megacycle Meter 8898466 D1-3 1959 A
TM9-9505-4-35 Power Supply-PP-1676?MPM-38 D1-3 1959 A
TM9-9508-4-35 Electronic Voltmeter-ME-119/MPM-38 D1-3 1959 A
TM9-9509-1-6-45 Light Beam Galvanometer- Mod-2430C D1-3 1959 A
TM9-9603 Control Systems Director-17-T-5505-63 D1-2 1953 A
TM9-9604 Voltage Regulation-17-P-550-15 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-9605 Data Smoothing Tester-17-T-5548-700 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-9606 Contact & Zero Tester- 17-T-5506-60 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-9609 Modulator Amplifier Tester 17-T-5538 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-9614 Amplifier Tester 17-T-5504-125 D1-2 1952 A
TM9-9620-1-1 Fire Control System-M33 D1-2 1958 D
TM9-9620-2-1 Radar Test Set- M33 / T33 series D1-3 1957 A
TM9-9620-3-1 Computer Test Set M33/ T33 D1-3 1957 A
TM9-9620-4-2 Wiring Diagrams /Radar/ M33/T33 D1-3 1958 A
TM9-9624-11 Test Shop Fire Control- XM284 D1-3 1958 B
TM9-9624-13 Nutator Balancing (8204126) sys M38 D1-3 1957 A
TM9-9624-16 Microwave Test Set (8204526) sys M38 D1-3 1959 B
TM9-9624-19 Indicator Test Set ( M38 ) D1-3 1958 A
TM9-9624-25 Analyzer Resolver Slides-8260615 D1-3 1958 A
TM9-9624-5 Clutch Adjusting-7650184 D1-2 1955 A
TM9-9624-8 Variable Speed Drive Analyzer sys M38 D1-3 1957 A
TM9-9624-9 Synchro-Tester--7650184 D1-2 1955 A
TM9-9802-1 Electronic Wheel Balancer- Model-710 D1-3 1956 A
TM9-9806-1 Boring Machine-Tobin-Arp TA-14 D1-2 1957 A
TM9-9828-1 Boring MachIne-Norman-777 & 777S D1-2 1954 A
TM9-9918-5 Electric Drill-Portable-Millers Falls No 538BA D1-2 1957 A

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