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NEW: "Politically Corrected" Glossary of Firearm Terms

International Gun Terms & Translations

About: Gun Glossary is written by Gunnery Network Director Marvin V. Stenhammar. Among other things, Marvin is a certified firearms instructor, a gun owner and firearms enthusiast, a political activist and an outdoors & adventure journalist.

Detail Boxes: Additional articles are contributed by subject matter experts and are presented in "detail box" articles. Several commercial firearms manufacturers and firearm accessory manufacturers have granted "limited use" permission for the use of their respective historical information and proprietary graphics that relate to their products and company information.

Please Note: This is not a dictionary.  The definitions and terms listed are for firearm, gun and shooting use only. Other definitions and usage exist for non gun and or non shooting use. The terms in Gun Glossary are in alphabetical order. We are working on a new hyper linked and cross referenced version. Check back soon.

New Content: This is a work in progress. New terms and graphics are added routinely, often daily. If you have a question about a gun term or product that is not listed, please let us know and we will do our best to define it and add it to "Gun Glossary".  If you find a mistake or a bad link please advise. We want to know and we do make mistakes. Please contact us via e-mail or telephone and thank you.

Add Your Info: If you are a manufacturers representative or author / subject matter expert and would like you company information or article included in Gun Glossary, please use the contact information as listed below.

E-Mail: [email protected]  -  Telephone: 1-541-487-4902  [ Pacific Time ]


Copyright � 1998-2002 Marvin V. Stenhammar  - All Rights Reserved.

All Rights Reserved: The information in this glossary was compiled from multiple sources.  It represents several  hundred hours hard work, historical research and data entry.  It can not be reproduced in full or in part in any medium with out the express written permission of Marvin V. Stenhammar, Gunnery Network Director of Operations.

Additional Copyrights Apply: Guest writers submissions, commercial graphics and some historical information is owned and copyright by the contributing writer, company or news agency. Several firearms manufacturers have granted limited use permission to Gunnery Network for the limited non commercial use of historic information and graphics. Please contact the specific company or agency for permission to use, redistribute or copy guest writes submissions, detail blocks, company information or graphics.  We will be happy to assist you in contacting any of our subject matter experts or guest writers.

Copies are available upon request for non commercial use by civic groups, hunting & shooting clubs, educational facilities, law enforcement agencies and firearms instructors. Normally, all you have to do is ask. Permission is normally granted for non commercial use. Please contact Gunnery Network to receive permission and a complete copy.

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