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Letter - Y Page Updated: 06 March 2003

YAW: The action of a projectile spinning erratically around its' own axis.

YELLOW BOY:  Common name for the Model 1866 Winchester repeating rifle.  So named for its distinctive "bright yellow" colored, brass frame and receiver.  Also spelled Yellowboy.

Model 1866 Yellow Boy
1866 "Yellow Boy"

Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy"

The Model 1866 Winchester is also known as "The Yellow Boy" due to its brass receiver frame.  About 175,000 Model 1866 rifles were made, with production ending in 1898.  The 1866 Winchester was chambered in .44 caliber rimfire and took a 28 grain powder weight. The reduction in the projectile weight from the single-shot rifles managed to increase the projectile's velocity. The Model 1866 had a 24 inch round or octagonal barrel and weighed 9 to 9 1/2 lbs. There were other variants of the Model 1866, including a musket, with a 27 inch barrel.  The musket 1866 weighed 8 1/4 pounds.   The most common variant was the 1866 carbine, with a 19-inch round barrel, the carbine weighed 7 1/2 lbs.

1866 rifles and muskets each held a maximum of 17 rounds, but they were usually loaded with fewer rounds to prevent strain on the magazine spring. The shorter carbines held a total of 13 rounds. The Model 1866 rifle also had military significance, though it is not normally rated as a military arm, the lever action Winchester 1866 was responsible for two great Turkish victories over the Russians at Plevna.  The Model 1866 was manufactured until 1898.  Replica's of this rifle are still being made and used today, as are many of the originals. 

YELLOWBOY:   Alternate spelling of "Yellow Boy".  I have seen this spelled as both one word and as two in several historical documents, so I list it both ways.

YOUTH DIMENSIONS:  Usually refers to shorter stock dimensions and/or lighter weight enabling youth and smaller women to shoot and carry a lighter, shorter firearm.

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